March in Latvia

In March my sister Lidia finally visited me here accompanied by my boyfriend. I saw my sister first in 4 month after my arrival here.

We had some days of activities that I had prepared for the children at the school with their help. In the morning we plaid with some classes different types of typical games of Menorca, my island. The same afternoon together with teacher Iveta we organized a night event in school with her class – with fun and recreational games, with DJ and some Spanish food.

A week later after the holidays 2 Portuguese volunteers Marco and Nuno helped me to make recreational morning with traditional Spanish games for 6th graders.

In March we met more with Students’ self government to plan and organize more proposals for activities and games in my classes with children.
During the week of Easter we prepared a few days of crafts for children.
The last week of this month we had an event at the Cultural center – Career days, where participated pupils from all district also our school. My activity was to make a collage to which they had to present their idea of ​​what everyone thought was voluntary work.

This month we also had new people in the gym classes with teachers. The Portuguese volunteers came to try my classes and wanted to participate more in them in their free time.

Now we have to wait for the good weather to have classes outside!