March in Latvia

I don’t want to leave ! I am really part of the family now. During younsters holidays, we made some unformal activities with teachers to discover other ways of teaching.

Lessons have continued in French and in English. I finally went to 4b class to speak about France. And play games of course.

We also did 2 very special days. We slept at school with 4a and we cooked pizzas ! And with 6a, we went to Riga to go to jump space (and medicine museum, but that was not the funny part).

For the olimpiades, we were a Spanish/French team that made a blind test tasting activity. To try : garlic, dry fish and olive oil. Enjoy !

To finish with beauty, the « erudition show » showed how skilled were all the students of the school. When the jury was deliberating, we teach a Spannish dance: macarena !

To be continued in April !

Gulbenes vidusskola īsteno programmas Erasmus+: Jaunatne darbībā finansētu Eiropas Brīvprātīgā darba projektu “Gain from giving” (2016-2-LV02-KA105-001254).

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