February in Latvia

I can’t believe I am here for just 3 months. Life is so excited with excursions, swimming pool, dance, English/French lessons, snowball fights, theatre, handicrafts, novuss…

Okay, let’s present the most important events of the month.

First of all, Valentine’s day and its Popiela I discovered for the first time. It was really really impressive how good you were dancing !!

Then, we went with 5D and 6C to visit a castle and a farm. But we spent most of our time throwing snow to each other.

We had also getons (I hope I write it correctly) with 12 grades to celebrate their last year in the best school ever 😉

After that (or before) was the project week. Everybody was happy not to have lesson. There is 4 grades about earth hour.

And finally, the french cooking lesson with my cousin and grandmother. I don’t know if the food was good, but we had a lot of fun !

And to really finish, beautiful girls of 5B 🙂


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