January in Latvia

The french, english and rock ‘n’roll lessons have started. My students are so motivated, especially teachers, it is really nice to see it !

But, somethimes, it’s a bit crazy to teach rock. With the 6b, it was completly crazy !

I went in almost all classes, and I was surprised how good you are in maths, music and twister.

This was with 5a and 3c

We also made some visit. I went in Cesis with girls of the self governement,

And in Riga with the readers, to eat chocolate:)

With the 3c, we also went to listen this strange latvian instrument which makes a beautiful sound.

And some of you were patient enough to help me ice-skating !

I hope you enjoyed January as much as I did.

If you want to do more activities with me, ask your teacher to plan it with me !


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